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Critical Thinking Series - Benefits FAQs

There are so many benefits for people of any age to work through our book series at Gift Of Logic. You can expand your mind and improve your deductive reasoning skills to become a more critical thinker and reader.

Why should I read these books?

The goal of our series of workbooks is to help you develop cognitive skills by introducing various topics in critical thinking and logical reasoning. Developing cognitive skills continuously in three areas is essential to maintaining an active brain. You will find these skills useful in any subject that you study or any task that you work on. Our books provide the foundation for you to strengthen your cognitive abilities and take on exams with natural confidence. Almost all major exams test your critical reading/thinking skills in some form or other, including:

COGAT - Measures School Performance Through Verbal and Nonverbal Tests
SAT - College Admission Test Focused On Math, Critical Reading, and Writing
LSAT - Law School Admission Test Focused On Logical and Analytical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension
PCAT - Pharmacy School Admission Test Focused On Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
MCAT - Medical School Admission Test Focused On Verbal Reasoning and Writing
GRE - Engineering School Admission Test Focused On Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing
GMAT - Management School Admission Test Focused On Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Analytical Writing

What is the recommended reading plan?

Primary school students, college and university students, parents, teachers, retired persons, and anyone who wants to keep their brain fit and sharp should use these books. Read our books in a relaxed setting without pressure of time or exams. Maximum benefit can be realized if the reading plan order is followed:

Red Set (Workbooks 0-2)

Grade K - Workbook 0 Grade 1 - Workbook 0, Workbook 1
Grade 2 - Workbook 0, Workbook 1, and Workbook 2 Or Grades K-2 (All Students) - Use in sequence, based on their ability.

Grades 3-5: Green Set (Workbooks 3-5)

Grade 3 - Workbook 3 Grade 4 - Workbook 3, Workbook 4
Grade 5 - Workbook 3, Workbook 4, and Workbook 5 Or Grades 3-5 (all students) - Read the Green Set In Order Based On Their Ability. Red Set Is Optional But Highly Recommended

Grades 6-12: Blue Set (Primer and Workbooks 6-10)
Read the Primer first and then do workbooks 6-10 in order. The Primer is a prerequisite for the workbooks. The Green Set and Red Set are optional but highly recommended.

Adults (Undergraduate and Gradate Students, Working Professionals, and Others)
Read the Blue Set, starting with the primer, and then do Workbooks 6-10 in sequence. The Primer is a required before you start the workbooks. The Green Set and Red Set are optional but highly recommended.

What are the benefits to students, parents, teachers, professionals, and retired individuals?


• Develop strong cognitive abilities in three strands: verbal, analytic, and pictorial
• Develop a Critical Reading and Thinking Mind, an Analytical Mind, and an Alert Mind
• Develop Raw Intelligence By Solving Problems In Any Subject Area
• Cultivate Logic/Reason-Based Learning As Opposed To Fact-Based Learning
• Learn To Make Inferences and Strengthen Your Reading Comprehension Skills
• Help You To Exercise Your Mind The Same Way You Exercise Your Body
• Significantly Improve Your Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning Skills and Boost Your Performance On Any Test In Any Subject
• Assist You with Scoring Well On Exams that Test Your Logical Reasoning Abilities such as IQ, Gifted and Talented Programs, High School Entrance, SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, PCAT, MCAT, and Career Entrance


• Boost Your Family's Mental Strength
• Gain Valuable Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning Skills
• Keep Up With And Engage Your Child At a More Intense Level
• Read Our Books Ahead Of Time and Be Able To Guide Your Children Through Them
• Valuable Supplemental Resource That Your Entire Family Can Use During Short Breaks and Winter and Summer Vacations


• Improve Your Students' Cognitive Abilities
• Enhance Your Students' Level Of Thinking
• Sharpen Your Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning Skills
• Communicate More Effectively With Your Students
• Challenge Your Students On Critical Thinking, Inferencing, Analytical, and Visual Perception Skills

Professionals In Any Career:

• Score Well On Job Placement Exams That Test Your Thinking Skills
• Stay Mentally Fit and Remain Competitive In Your Job
• Demonstrate High Level Of Logical Reasoning Skills To Your Peers
• Develop Raw Intelligence By Solving Problems In Any Subject Area
• Focus Your Energy In Developing Critical Thinking Skills and Boost Your Confidence During Interviews

Retired Individuals:

• Engage Your Brain, and Keep It Healthy
• Spend Your Time Productively and Challenge Your Thinking Abilities
• Exercise Your Brain to Remain Thoughtful, Flexible, and Alert
• Feel Strong, Alert, and Confident as You Think and Solve the Problems
• Engaging Activity When You Are Alone, With Your Friends, Or When You Are In a Park